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Cobalt PREMIUM Shears 6.0" 💈

Cobalt PREMIUM Shears 6.0" 💈

zł 1 199,00 Regular Price
zł 791,34Sale Price

Made of cobalt steel, one of the best used for the production of hairdressing scissors.

They feature harder blades, improved strength and resistance to cracking.

Cobalt steel hardness ~63/64 HRC

CNC technology 💪

CNC technology stands for computer numerical control technology. In the context of hairdressing scissors, it refers to the use of computer-controlled machines to produce scissors with high precision and accuracy. CNC technology allows for complex shapes and patterns to be created in the scissors, resulting in improved functionality and performance. It also ensures consistency in the manufacturing process, which leads to uniform quality of the final product.

Perfect scissors with super smooth blades for a super smooth cut!

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